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Jumaat, 22 April 2011


When i close my eyes, ur face in my mind,
Every time i log in to facebook, the first page i will open is ur wall..
every day i hope u will update ur status there, so i will know ur condition and situation..
before i sleep, i will open ur page and enlarge ur pic..
hmmm...i will open ur pic as my inspiration to study..
the first thing every time i wake up from sleep, i will open my notebook n check ur face book..
every day i will create any excuse to enter ur dept..but i can't!!!
i always walk in front ur dept and wish u open that door..
but always failed!!huhuhuhu..
after i pass the door, u baru buka pintu..adess...hampa btull..
i try to say sumthing with u, but shy ler...
i'm afraid u x nak layan i....
hihihihi...but, i promise my self...
i will try to woo u...( dh tahap gatai!!)
but in a good manner gedix2...
Dear Mr ... i will touch ur heart..but, pls accept me k dear...
miss u dear..but i shy to tell u my feel..hope u will understand...
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